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Carrie Donaldson

Carrie Donaldson comes to us with a passion to serve. She has a background of teaching in the field of Special Education. She has taught in public and private schools as well as homeschooled her own kids when they were younger. She and her husband Jay grew up in Tennessee attending Southern Baptist Churches and have moved around a bit in their 27 years of marriage to include living in Michigan and Northern Virginia. They have two young adult children and one teenager: Grant (23), Ethan (20) and Annie Grace (17).

In her spare time, Carrie enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, kayaking and loving on people. In addition to my parents and grandparents, Mission Friends and Girls in Action made a huge impact on my life. Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong are amazing role models! Corrie Ten Boom is also one of my favorites! When Carrie was younger she enjoyed hanging out with the older folks in our church.  She says, she wanted to glean from their wisdom! She still enjoys hanging out with them! Next to babies, they are the coolest crowd!

Carrie's favorite scriptures are: Ephesians 2:8-9, Ephesians 4:1-2, (The whole book of Ephesians, actually - not memorized, but I just love Ephesians!) and James 1:2-3.

Carrie Carrie | Director Of Preschool Ministry | Hillcrest Baptist Church
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