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December 18, 2021  -  December 19, 2021  •  6:00 PM  &  6:00 PM

Hillcrest Choir Presents: How to Have the Best Christmas EVER!!

Through the razzle-dazzle, hustle-bustle of everyday life (which always seems to slip into hyperdrive during the holiday season!), we can easily be distracted from the true meaning of Christmas, and lose sight of the message that Christ came to be our Savior. We forget the King Who came to us so long ago in a humble manger. After all, in the midst of the craziness that seems to overtake the world around us during the holidays, we wonder, in the words of our main character, Carol, “what a manger has to do with me today?”

Through the lives and stories of some wonderfully developed, true-to-life characters...along with fun, memorable, and deeply moving songs...we too, can learn HOW TO HAVE THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!


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