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David Rhodes

David and Denise enjoy a blended family of six children and several grandchildren. Having both been widowed, they enjoy serving together in ministry. Since their marriage in 2013, David and Denise lost a son, Bryant, to Leukemia in 2017. Helping hurting people is one passion they share. All of their children are saved and in church serving the Lord.

David has served in ministry since 1983 and loves to lead folks to Christ. Denise grew up in a pastor’s home and understands ministry. David enjoys serving the Lord through teaching, preaching, and missions. Discipling and evangelism are such important aspects of church ministry. He has a passion for ministry through sharing the love of Christ with others.

Hillcrest began as a church home for David and Denise as they relocated in 2017 to Lebanon. In September of 2020, David joined the staff of Hillcrest and enjoys the connections here. Hillcrest is a wonderful church family.

David David | Pastor Of Evangelism & Discipleship | Hillcrest Baptist Church
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